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Heavy Duty and Standard Large Tile Plows

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O'Connell's 55 Series plows are the longest lasting plows on the market. With plows dating back to 1983 still being used today. While many updates have been introduced through the years, the general concept is still the same because it works, and it works well. Dependable, versatile, convertible, and affordable describe this plow series perfectly.
3pt or Pull Type Convertible

Pull three pins and the OFDP-55 and OFDP-55HD pull type tile plows are a Category III 3PT plow making the O'Connell 55 Series the most versatile and compatible tile plows in the industry.
Parallel Link, Zero Pitch for accurate grade control

The O'Connell 55 Series parallel link assembly allows for zero pitch, the most accurate tile placement in the industry. With zero pitch, the tile is discharged at the same depth as the tip of the shoe, the depth grade control indicates.
Numerical Easy to Read Depth Gauge

Tile up to 66” deep with an easy to read depth gauge. Know, don’t guess or assume that your grade control is doing what it says. Standard on the OFDP-55HD and optional on the OFDP-55.
ASTM F449-02 6.5 Compliant

Lay tile as recommended by the ASTM. All O'Connell plows and Quick Attach Trailing Boots comply with ASTM F449-02 6.5 for correct tile placement and proper bedding of the soil.
Easiest Turning Plow in the Industry

Pair a swiveling boot design with the shortest shank and boot length in the industry and you get the easiest turning pull type and 3 pt tile plow on the market. Research shows tiling on the contour is the most effective drainage and subsurface irrigation design. Don’t plow straight, turn.
Quick Attach Trailing Boot

O'Connell's Quick Attach Trailing Boot is the easiest and quickest trailing boot to change in the industry. Spend less time changing boots and more time tiling. Designed for and available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 10” tile boots.

The 55 Series is sold with both a 4” and 6” Quick Attach Trailing Boot standard. Optional Quick Attach Trailing Boots are available in 3”, 5”, 8”, and 10” sizes.
Bullpull Hitch

The Bullpull Hitch allows the pin to swivel in the hitch with the Bullpull shimmed tight to the clevis resulting in less jerking and less wear and tear on your tractor.

The OFDP-55HD is equipped with 3 hydraulic lift cylinders for faster reactions and more accurate grade control. The cylinders only require 2500 pounds of hydraulic pressure to operate, compared to the industry average of 3500 pounds.

With the zero pitch design, the O'Connell 55 Series are two of the easiest pulling tile plows on the market. The 26 degree front angle on the shoe lifts and shatters the soil, allowing the 55 Series to glide through the soil with less resistance. The OFDP-55 can be pulled by a 20,000 pound front wheel assist and the OFDP-55HD can be pulled by a 25,000 pound front-wheel assist tractor.

  OFDP-55 Standard Large Plow OFDP-55HD Heavy Duty Plow
Avail. Boot Sizes 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”
Rec. Power 225-400 HP 250-650 HP
Depth Gauge Optional Standard
Weight 7,500 lbs 6,500 lbs
Tiling Depth Up to 66" Up to 66"


Heavy Duty and Standard Large Tile Plows
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O Connell Farm Drainage Plows